A “Level 2” special on our 4WD, 10m working height, diesel XD100RT.
Available now at $45,000 + GST ex Auckland, only two available.

The final drawing for the fully electric 8×4 water cart currently in build for Eastland Group. The tank is 20,000 litre capacity.

A video of the watercarts, dust suppressors, cannons and barrier washers from XCMG is here:

The battery swap facility for the E700 6×4 tractor will be launched later this month.

A shot of the swap station with the battery pack being removed for charging. 

Another 7 meter capacity high dump bucket arriving to fit a Volvo loader, this one for Regal Haulage.

Of course is arrives just after we have delivered the last big forklifts……..

Diack Bros from Napier picking up their new CPCD30 RT forklift.

This 3.8t diesel forklift fitted with dual wheels and optional fork positioning on it’s way to Steiner Moses in Taupo.

Our latest shipment of scissors from Mantall is on the water including some more tracked scissors.

A bit of testing outside our building for our 14m XCMG articulated booms.

The XE55U is designed for the North American  and European markets. Powered by a tier 4f (Euro V) Kubota the 5700kg zero tail swing features a powered angle blade. $78,860 + GST with XCMG’s 5 year warranty.

XCMG own series of excavator attachments including grapples;

Demolition shears, pulverizers and scissors;

Pile drivers, breakers and tampers.

XCMG’s 38 tonne forestry harvester was displayed at Conex. Powered by a tier 4f Cummins and the base machine is available at $395,000 + GST ex Auckland.

The machine was designed in North America and see here working in British Colombia

A short video at the factory is here:

A three unit crane shipment to Australia in the customer’s colours. The third machine was a 300t crawler.

A 54 tonne XCMG wheel loader with a bucket modified to lift a skidsteer 4m off the ground for another “drive on a pipe” demonstration.

Another batch of 55 tonne GR5505 graders going out to the National Energy Group for coal mining in Mongolia.

A 40 tonne XCMG crane mounted on a Kenworth for the US market.

A dozen Scania mounted V7 concrete pumps of various sizes at a delivery ceremony in Hong Kong.

This is a 58m version on a Benz. With the Schwing technology these can pump 4 metres of concrete per litre of diesel.

A delicate lift of a 70m dish antenna by an XCMG 2000 tonne lift crane. The antenna is for the National Observatory to be used for China’s Mars program.