Impressions of the E700 6×4 in an Ecotricity video by Gavin Shoebridge.

Great graphics on Firth’s new fully electric concrete truck, soon to be built with a Schwing Tech mixer. Schwing is fully owned by XCMG.

The heavy duty version of our E700 working hard in China. This version is rated at 75t but seen here at 103 tonne all up coming off a barge.
A short video is here

Battery swapping is dominating zero emissions heavy truck sales in China. Of the 2083 heavy electric trucks were sold in January, only 20 did not have battery swap capability.

We are now testing a prototype Monocrane swapping head for our gantry in Penrose. A few modifications to come but pretty good so far.
A short video of the lift

XCMG’s 21 tonne fully electric excavator working in China.

Just off-line the smaller 9 tonne version is tethered so can work continuously with zero emissions.

We now have the latest fully electric XC968EV coming to New Zealand, here in early May. This version has three electric motors, two for drive, one for lift.

The 28 tonne XH283J waste compactor now on site for H G Leach (Fiji)

An XC938 wheel loader on it’s way to Mitchell farms near Napier

The first of two tracked scissors on trailers for Kerikeri Hire. The versatile machines are proving very popular additions to hire fleets

An XE80N delivered to Taccetti Ltd for use in the film industry.

Kingwood Furniture in Hamilton taking delivery of an XE80N on a trailer.

Andrew from Te Awamutu Construction picking up an tracked XE80CTOR

Another rough terrain forklift heading south to Edwards & Hardy in Rotorua.

An interesting 12 tonne forklift and knuckle crane combination.

Introducing China’s largest reach stacker at 70t capacity. This was primarily developed to lift wind turbine hubs.

When the blade diameter gets up to 156m the hubs are pretty big.
XCMG’s 24m wide paver is currently the world’s largest. It would take a few trucks to keep up with it’s 1800 tonne per hour appetite at full steam.

XCMG have released their largest rigid dumper at 440t capacity. This one is diesel-electric drive