Our first robotic battery swapping station for trucks has arrived. It will be assembled in Penrose next to SH1, to swap E700 batteries.
On a grander scale this ship in China also has a battery swap system with 50,000kWh stored in a series of 20′ containers.

Another EECA contestable funding round for zero emissions vehicles, technology and off highway equipment is now open. $4 million available this time, the link is here.

The latest list of zero emissions trucks and off highway plant from Etrucks® that could qualify for this funding round is in this dropbox link. Contact us for a .pdf if you prefer.

XCMG will release the XE27U-E small excavator in early 2024. The machine now has a larger 43kWh battery and a similar cabin to the XE35U-E.

We can now offer pricing for the 23t XE215E excavator with a 423kWh battery for 6 to 7 hours continuous run time.

XCMG will develop a fully electric XC988EV. The 27.5t wheel loader will feature a 525kWh battery and 5cbm bucket. This is the diesel version.

XCMGs new 6×4 with a fixed BYD battery and rubber rear suspension seen here as a RHD mixer truck for Thailand. The cab chassis tare is 8900kg.

The first production version of the XC938EV 11t fully electric wheel loader is now off line. We have a couple of these ordered for New Zealand.

A couple of short videos of the XC968EVs in China
Another tethered unit
And two battery units loading coal

We have a 2% finance offer on stock units of 6t LW180K and 16t XC948 diesel wheel loaders. We can also source five units of the 20t XC958s originally destined for Australia, at $207,000 + GST ex Penrose.

Delivery day for Chris Tollemache of Brand Nations XE100C scissor.

Pick up of an XE60 Mini by Mathew Cropp of Frontline Systems

A tracked XE80CTOR going out for Gahan Energy in Lower Hutt.

An interesting concept to assemble wind turbines without a crane.

XCMG’s XR1600E drill seen here with a 6.3m diameter drill head.