Our big news for the start of 2024 is that we have sold our access rental business Skyrise Hire, to the fine people at Total Access. We will now focus exclusively on innovative truck and machinery solutions through Etrucks® and Landex.

Isaac Construction’s EV excavator and loader can be seen out and about on the streets of Christchurch and more recently Dunedin.

XCMG sales of the XC968EV are ramping up. They are now assembled on their own dedicated line.

A short video is here

Our first towable site office soon on it’s way to Wairoa for QRS. We can now source these with a 1600W solar system installed.

Another XC958 going out to Oilseeds in Waharoa. We still have excellent pricing available on diesel loaders ex stock in NZ, and at the factory.

Our first tracked stabilizer with a tier V Cummins ready to ship to New Zealand

Our first XC975EV with 422kWh battery also on the next boat to NZ.

XCMG have developed a hybrid XC975PHEV with a 100kW diesel running an on board generator. Fuel saving compared to a conventional diesel loader is expected to be over 20%.

Etrucks® are now the New Zealand agents for AoNeng chargers which we have been supplying for a few years now. We can now offer their larger chargers up to 360kW. Email us for the much improved pricing.

XCMG’s latest 36t sheep’s foot compactor. Available with a Cummins engine, fully hydraulic drive and joystick steering. A battery swapping EV version is in the planning stages.

Delivery day of another 100 E700 8×4 tippers in Chongqing

Quite a good video of the excavator and mining equipment production base where the heavy trucks and excavators over 95 tonne are built.

The XC998 stone carrier lifting a 25 tonne block in Europe

The latest 240t hybrid diesel/electric with a 441kWh battery to capture regenerative braking. This one is has autonomous capability.

The fully autonomous XC918EV loader, no cab, just a mast for better “vision”.

If you are looking for a bigger jaw crusher how about the 1000t per hour XPE1215?

A bit of a line up to celebrate XCMG’s new intelligent manufacturing base for EWPs.