April 2018

Good Morning

Landex hosted a visit from Dr Jiansen Liu last week. Jiansen is a Vice President of XCMG and the most senior member of the XCMG staff to visit clients in New Zealand.

Jiansen arrived in New Zealand after handing over three GR3505 graders to BHP at their massive iron ore facility at Pilbara. This is seen as a breakthrough sale for XCMG of mining grade equipment in Australia.

If you need a bigger one, this is Helen Yang, XCMG Asia Pacific Sales Manager, standing next to the 550hp version (similar size to a Cat 24M)

I was back at the Palazzani factory this month in northern Italy to view the latest PT192 telescopic loader. Among other upgrades they have added a separate pump for the bucket crowd function only. This results in much smoother self leveling as well as faster cycle times.

Meanwhile back at the XCMG truck factory this fully electric box body had just been returned from a months trial with a local logistics company. The RHD units built for delivery to New Zealand are still in compliance testing.

This XCMG LW180K fitted with a quick hitch is being prepared for delivery to Base Civil in Hamilton this week.

The two tallest scissors we have sold, these Mantall XE160W have a deck height of 14m. Arise Racking will use in these initially at a facility in Porirua.

Another two Mantall Mini Pluses delivered, this time to Cobb-Vantress to help build their massive new $58 million broiler breeding operation at Rotongaro. They also have two of our XE80N’s in their fleet.

One of two sets of pallet forks we had built to fit Volvo L180G’s for ADM’s stock feed operations.

This tip of bucket for a forklift was built as a standby option to allow Waste Management to load used tyres at a facility in Wiri

XCMG have upgraded the 26 tonne compactor. Now featuring a Shanghai Cat engine and ZF transmission these are available for $265,000 + GST

XCMG have released their first 700 tonne mining shovel/excavator. Powered by two 1700hp engines and with a 34mbucket it is easily the largest excavator from China.

XCMG are working hard on autonomous driving machines. These 26 and 33 tonne rollers can operate unmanned to a set pattern and dodge obstacles as required.

XCMG have now moved up to sixth on the yellow table of the worlds largest construction machinery manufacturers. The data used is last years and it seems they are now in fifth position.

What seemed like a clever idea of cheap bike sharing in Shanghai has got a bit out of hand. There are now more than a million of the things blocking the sidewalks so you have to walk on the street in places.
However as a business idea, just brilliant. The orange ones in the pic are owned by Mobike, which has recently sold for USD 2.9 billion (yes billion), just three years after startup


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