August 2016


An 11 tonne 838 waste guarded loader being prepared in our yard for Waste Management. The 838 is powered by a US built Cummins QSB derated to 150hp and is fitted with low profile cushion solid tyres
2016-08-18 11.13.58-1
One of Northern Southland’s LW180K’s in Mossburn. This one is fitted with an over width bucket to keep it away from the walls in the small shed.

I was back at the factory this week picking up another 11 tonne loader. This one will be fitted with a toe tip, high dump bucket as well as L5 tyres in New Zealand and will be used handling crushed glass.


Also at the factory were these LW300K, part of a thirty unit order for the Sudan. These are fairly standard specification but feature oil bath pre-cleaners for the dust.

I also visited the Mantall factory to pick up some more scissors including these narrow gauge XE100C


We will soon stock these 6m push around scissors. They feature a maintenance free battery and will be available at $6,650 + GST ex Penrose.


We have now received our latest shipment of XE60ED’s. These full function scissors can be driven while elevated. With the bulk order we can offer these at a remarkable $10,750 + GST ex Penrose.

2016-08-09 13.06.07

We can now offer these 240hp Weichai powered skidders with four speed power-shift transmissions, wet axles with limited slip differentials at NZD237,000 + GST ex Auckland


Part of a 150 unit order of off highway dump trucks sold to an open cast mine in Shanxi province.These rugged trucks are much cheaper alternative to an articulated dump truck.

Another smart design from XCMG is this diesel powered sweeper the SJCH500A.This one utilizes either water jets or a powerful fan for removing dust depending on conditions.

A compact lift from XCMG designed to fit on a double cab ute.
The platform is rated at 130kg to 7.65m with a maximum outreach of 3.9m

The latest XCA220 all terrain crane looks the part featuring new LCD control screens
Another first from XCMG is this ultra narrow road header.
These 1.8m wide units open up a new method of boring narrow tunnels.


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