August 2019

Landex has worked with XCMG to develop tracked stabiliser for Hiway Stabilizers. The project took a full year from concept drawings to completion.

The first unit working in Silverdale in 2017. This is the first ground up design XCMG have built solely for the New Zealand market.

After some months trialing in New Zealand the second generation was developed to make the machines better balanced, more efficient, as well as easier to drive and maintain.

The stabilizers are powered by a 460hp Weichai tier III engine driving a 2500mm wide rotor. Working speeds range from 5-20m per minute. Both travel speed and steering are by joystick control.

A couple of short videos of the first machine turning:
Then working near Silverdale.

I was back in Xuzhou last week to take delivery of the fourth machine to be shipped to NZ.

Also in the yard the latest 13 tonne tandem roller in the colours used in Europe.

The first dozer Landex has sold for a while. This Shantui SD22R is a 26 tonne specialist refuse dozer and will be used on a landfill in Fiji. It is powered by a 280hp Cummins engine.

The largest Shantui dozer currently available is the SD90-5, at 106 tonne and 880hp, or roughly the same size as a D11T

Another of our popular rough terrain forklifts on its way to work in the Wairarapa.

A Multitask 4WD electric scissor and trailer heading down to Wellington for PBJ Properties.

A couple more LW300KNZ’s ready for shipping from the factory. One is already sold, the other still available.

A new three gun fast charger that can charge 44kW on AC and 60kW on DC at the same time. Most importantly the charger can DC fast charge at 750v. The heavy transport industry in NZ is being let down by the lack of 750v DC public chargers.

The dash of the prototype E700 semi tractor gives an example of the voltage used in heavy trucks.

I had a quick drive of the prime mover. I understand it is the only heavy electric truck with hub motors and also features air bag suspension.

I also had a couple of laps on the test track in the 8×4 version. There were plenty of them around the factory with 350 to be delivered by the end of October. Impressive to drive with peak torque of 2800Nm.

Mr Zhang, seen here on the right, has just purchased an XS263W which just happens to be the 100,000th roller that XCMG have produced. In the top picture is a static roller his family purchased over 30 years ago.

XCMG have exported one of the 4000 tonne lift crawler cranes to Saudi Arabia for a few petrochemical projects.

Part of it seen here knocked down on a river boat for delivery to the export port.

It’s the end of the northern summer so recruitment time at XCMG. Some of this years graduate intake of 807, including a number of PhDs.


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