March 5th 2024

Launch day for Swire Shipping/Pacifica Shipping’s new E700 tractor seen below alongside Mainfreight’s. The two tractors will be used to cart containers at either end of Pacifica’s coastal service on the Auckland to Lyttleton run. This freight system effectively removes up to 5100 ICE truck journeys every year. Swire Shipping/Pacifica Shipping will partner with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Hilton Haulage and Mainfreight for this exciting initiative.

ECCA has just opened Round 13 for contestable funding for zero emissions on and off highway equipment. Successful applicants can achieve 50% funding for new initiatives up to a maximum of $500,000 in funding value.

The link is here:

Our first two XC938EVs for New Zealand are now off line. XCMG is now building a battery electric wheel loader every 25 minutes.

We have signed to build a 7 series robotic battery swap station, initially for use in our Penrose hub. These two units will soon open in Guizhou.

An artists impression of a dual station setup.

Plenty of heavy EV’s at the factory on my last trip. XCMG retain their market leading position for heavy battery electric trucks, with roughly 60% of those being battery swap versions.

We also had a tour of the new XCMG/BYD JV battery packing facility. Here BYD blade cells are packed according to the requirements of each specific machine.

The link to XCMG’s 2024 Product Line is here:
The file is 85Mb so it is best to download it to view a clear copy with some zoom. The range of equipment offered is extraordinary. Certainly the most comprehensive range of new energy products from any supplier.

More details on the 22t diesel/electric hybrid XC975-PHEV wheel loader. The loader runs a Yuchai 129kW generator which is rated at tier 4 emissions without using AdBlue. Fuel consumption is 30% less than a similar diesel loader.

Our 20kW DC mobile charger is now available. Just plug it in to a 32A 5 pin plug in your workshop and away you go.

The latest version of the Mantall XE80Ns are now in stock.

We have excellent pricing on the 16t, 200hp XC948NZ wheel loaders. These high spec loaders with Cummins QSB engines and full auto ZF trans are available ex stock at $150,000 + GST ex Auckland, two available.

XCMG’s latest Yanmar powered tracked 4t skid steer, the XC7-TV12.

XCMG’s all-new dozer range. The hydrostatic dozers are aimed at high end markets like USA and Australia and feature very comfortable cabins. Sizes from 17t to 36t. The D170 starts at $233,000 + GST ex Auckland

Another XE60ED going out, this time for Protein Dynamics.

An interesting pipe layer on an excavator base with lifting track extensions for crossing trenches.

January 31st 2024

Our big news for the start of 2024 is that we have sold our access rental business Skyrise Hire, to the fine people at Total Access. We will now focus exclusively on innovative truck and machinery solutions through Etrucks® and Landex.

Isaac Construction’s EV excavator and loader can be seen out and about on the streets of Christchurch and more recently Dunedin.

XCMG sales of the XC968EV are ramping up. They are now assembled on their own dedicated line.

A short video is here

Our first towable site office soon on it’s way to Wairoa for QRS. We can now source these with a 1600W solar system installed.

Another XC958 going out to Oilseeds in Waharoa. We still have excellent pricing available on diesel loaders ex stock in NZ, and at the factory.

Our first tracked stabilizer with a tier V Cummins ready to ship to New Zealand

Our first XC975EV with 422kWh battery also on the next boat to NZ.

XCMG have developed a hybrid XC975PHEV with a 100kW diesel running an on board generator. Fuel saving compared to a conventional diesel loader is expected to be over 20%.

Etrucks® are now the New Zealand agents for AoNeng chargers which we have been supplying for a few years now. We can now offer their larger chargers up to 360kW. Email us for the much improved pricing.

XCMG’s latest 36t sheep’s foot compactor. Available with a Cummins engine, fully hydraulic drive and joystick steering. A battery swapping EV version is in the planning stages.

Delivery day of another 100 E700 8×4 tippers in Chongqing

Quite a good video of the excavator and mining equipment production base where the heavy trucks and excavators over 95 tonne are built.

The XC998 stone carrier lifting a 25 tonne block in Europe

The latest 240t hybrid diesel/electric with a 441kWh battery to capture regenerative braking. This one is has autonomous capability.

The fully autonomous XC918EV loader, no cab, just a mast for better “vision”.

If you are looking for a bigger jaw crusher how about the 1000t per hour XPE1215?

A bit of a line up to celebrate XCMG’s new intelligent manufacturing base for EWPs.

December 14th 2023

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year from Landex and Etrucks®. We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to working with you in 2024.

A couple of Christmas specials. First up is our trusty 2018 E300 8t GVM cab chassis demonstrator with 2000km. Fitted with brand new CATL 106kWH batteries which come with a two year warranty. New Zealand’s cheapest ever electric truck at $88,000 + GST ex Auckland with a 30kW DC charger included.

Also on special our XC948NZ diesel loaders, 16,500kg operating weight, 2.4cbm bucket, 200hp Cummins, ZF auto trans, auto grease and quick hitch. Normally $168,500 + GST, two available at $155,000 + GST

Public charging for electric trucks in Auckland just got a lot easier with Z Energy opening their Wiri Station Rd facility.

Our charging trailer supplier has won a London design award for the 200kWh trailers. Our first two units are in build and will arrive in March.
If you need more power how about a 2MW truck mounted unit capable of 1200kW output?

A video of their various charging solutions is here.

Nice to see EV loaders making a start in the ag sector with this XC918EV on farm in Holland.

Eight more XC968EVs going into service in China. This customer has over 30 XCMG wheel loaders and averages more than 3000 hours a year on each.

A couple more autonomous versions arriving at a customers site in China.

Our mini telehandlers are now available with 29kWh lithium batteries offering at least 4 hours run time. Still 2,800kg operating weight so they can be trailered.
First look at XCMGs 1.9t fully electric excavator.

The latest battery swapping capable 23.5t XE215E.

A new remote control breaker, either diesel or tethered electric

This GR135 grader is our first shipment to the Solomon Islands for Reeves International.

Hadleigh and Brunton’s new XCMG FD100T-JF 10.0t forklift on site in Timaru.

Ken Vincent picking up an XE100W and electric braked trailer for Concepts Property Group

Mat picking up an XE100C for Wilde Electrical Services in Rotorua.

An XCMG piling machine working on a 2GW solar farm in western China.

To finish a mine in China with 1000 dump trucks. The 350 green ones are XCMG XKT136 methanol/electric with the methanol fuel tank on one side and the battery pack on the other. Low emissions off-highway transport at quite some scale.
The video of the 24 hour a day operation is here:

November 16th 2023

Firth’s fully electric E700 mixer truck is now out delivering concrete in West Auckland.

A short video is here:

A year ago today Milk-E was on it’s first pickup near Waitoa. Now it’s out every day and is approaching 5 million litres of milk collected.

XCMG now have an autonomous XC968EV wheel loader operational at a batching site. The loader achieves and accuracy on all functions to within 5cm. It can detect and avoid hazards, and scans the stockpile to assess the best track to smoothly fill the bucket.

A video is here:

The autonomous battery swapping XRD80TE-AT in testing in China.

A video is here:

When will full autonomy on highway come to NZ? My guess, no time soon, but L4 autonomy is already in testing with the Deepway semi tractor in China.

Delivery day for Isaac Constructions fully electric XC918EV and XE35U-E in Christchurch. We look forward to seeing these out on sites around the city.

Another TS2503 tracked stabilizer ready to deliver, this time to Hibiscus Contractors in Silverdale.

Roger Short of Gardeners Landscape supplies with his new LW180K in Rotorua.

Delivery day for QRS’s new GR1003 grader in Wairoa.

Another XE80N heading out to River Star Holdings in Havelock North.

Delivery day for BPG’s first tracked XE80CTOR tracked scissor and trailer.

Australia is a little way behind us in the roll out of fully electric equipment but nice to see them making a start with the XC968EV.

Our TF1300 mini telehandler now has the option of 4×4 via braked axles. There will also be a battery electric option available next month.

The latest XCMG 5t skid steer looks the part. These will also be available fully electric in 2024.

A serious grapple designed to turn your reach stacker into the ultimate log handling tool.

Another autonomous BEV container carrier ready to deliver to Tianjin port.

October 16th 2023

Delivery day for Leach & Co’s XC968EV fitted with solid tyres and ready for work at the Southern Landfill, Ōwhiro Bay, Wellington.

Louis at the Concrete NZ conference in Hamilton with another XC968EV.

At the recent BICEs exhibition in Beijing the fully electric autonomous XDR80TE-AT 80t dump truck was the star of the XCMG stand. The “no cab” truck being loaded on one side with an electric XE215E:

and on the other by an XE968EV

There were plenty of electric loaders on display from other manufacturers, but none as advanced as the XCMG range. Most manufacturers didn’t bother to display diesel loaders.

XCMG also displayed their new 16t high speed dozer.
XCMG’s latest electric 5t and 7t forklifts with 380v BYD batteries.
I also visited Shantui in Jining to test drive the fully electric DE26X2 26t bulldozer. Very impressive power, smooth and controllable.

Also at the test ground a Cummins powered DH24 for Canada with a PAT blade and Leica blade control.

On a grander scale a 56t DH46C3 with 506hp Cummins QSX15

Introducing XCMG’s fully electric 30t telescopic crawler crane. There is also a 95t version
Back in Xuzhou I had a brief drive the first XC988EV in the testing area. Perhaps the largest BEV loader available in the market at 8t rated load with a 525kWh battery

The green colour XC958EV is a special order of 300 units for a port company.

XCMG are developing a newer version of remote control for the wheel loaders. Just the ticket to load that last truck from the couch.

The latest TS2503 tracked stabilizer is ready to ship to New Zealand.

At the same factory the fully electric 37t grader now has the rippers fitted.

Another XCMG forklift ready to ship to NZ. This time 10t with solid tyres.
Steve Thomas of Perception Capital taking delivery of his Landex X12 hybrid, self leveling, crawler boomlift.