April 27th 2022

The first of three more fully electric E700 8×4’s ready to ship to Auckland.

Part of a 105 unit order of E700 battery swap semi tractors leaving the factory.

The video is here.

4700 zero emissions heavy trucks have been sold in China so far this year with XCMG being the largest supplier. Quite a big swing away from hydrogen in the domestic market.
XCMG continues to develop their hydrogen trucks and have signed the worlds largest single order for heavy FCEVs to a company supplying hydrogen fuel.

Our first 19 tonne fully electric wheel loader will soon be is on it’s way to New Zealand. They can now accept 400A for full charging in under an hour.

A short review of one working at a steel mill in China.

A dozen diesel loaders lined up for shipment to NZ.
Landex will be pretty busy in May.
Our last stock LW180KN heading out to repeat customer MRT Construction.

Another LW300KNZ heading off to Fiji for Hiways.

Pioneer Energy’s XC958 on site in Dunedin with the HW log forks.

Another tracked scissor for Wayne Stewart Builders of Owhango.

An XE80N and trailer combo for Vaaks Air Ltd

XCMGs latest 32 tonne fully autonomous roller.

A large fill drying project for the second airport terminal in Xian (where the terracotta warriors are). A fleet of XCMG spreaders, stabilizers, graders and rollers deployed to meet the construction schedule.

XCMG’s largest grader at 56 tonne. This one is owned by BHP in Australia.

A logistics site in Mongolia using a fleet of E700 battery swap tractors to carry containers from a nearby railhead. The reach stackers have tilting heads to lift, discharge and replace the containers in 70 seconds.

March 29th 2022

Impressions of the E700 6×4 in an Ecotricity video by Gavin Shoebridge.

Great graphics on Firth’s new fully electric concrete truck, soon to be built with a Schwing Tech mixer. Schwing is fully owned by XCMG.

The heavy duty version of our E700 working hard in China. This version is rated at 75t but seen here at 103 tonne all up coming off a barge.
A short video is here

Battery swapping is dominating zero emissions heavy truck sales in China. Of the 2083 heavy electric trucks were sold in January, only 20 did not have battery swap capability.

We are now testing a prototype Monocrane swapping head for our gantry in Penrose. A few modifications to come but pretty good so far.
A short video of the lift

XCMG’s 21 tonne fully electric excavator working in China.

Just off-line the smaller 9 tonne version is tethered so can work continuously with zero emissions.

We now have the latest fully electric XC968EV coming to New Zealand, here in early May. This version has three electric motors, two for drive, one for lift.

The 28 tonne XH283J waste compactor now on site for H G Leach (Fiji)

An XC938 wheel loader on it’s way to Mitchell farms near Napier

The first of two tracked scissors on trailers for Kerikeri Hire. The versatile machines are proving very popular additions to hire fleets

An XE80N delivered to Taccetti Ltd for use in the film industry.

Kingwood Furniture in Hamilton taking delivery of an XE80N on a trailer.

Andrew from Te Awamutu Construction picking up an tracked XE80CTOR

Another rough terrain forklift heading south to Edwards & Hardy in Rotorua.

An interesting 12 tonne forklift and knuckle crane combination.

Introducing China’s largest reach stacker at 70t capacity. This was primarily developed to lift wind turbine hubs.

When the blade diameter gets up to 156m the hubs are pretty big.
XCMG’s 24m wide paver is currently the world’s largest. It would take a few trucks to keep up with it’s 1800 tonne per hour appetite at full steam.

XCMG have released their largest rigid dumper at 440t capacity. This one is diesel-electric drive

February 25th 2022

More E700s in Penrose. One still available for sale.

XCMG has taken the lead in heavy truck battery swapping technology. They are now enjoying 21% market share for all electric trucks in China, with over 10,000 units delivered in 2021.

Introducing XCMG’s relocatable battery swapping station. Just tow it to any suitable site, plug it in, and swap some batteries.
Or, charge the batteries where a good power source is available, and tow it to where the trucks are working.

Our 180kW dual gun chargers have arrived and our 60kW is up and running.
XCMG has announced a big push to cap peak carbon output by 2027 and achieve full carbon neutrality for the whole of life of their products by 2049. These are impressive targets given the expected growth of the company.
It will mean a renewed focus on fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell products

Also much larger emphasis on renewable energy in manufacture.

The first battery swapping 8×4 heading off to get it’s superstructure added.

A Shantui SD22S dozer delivered to Winstone’s quarry in Tamahere.

An XC958 for Pioneer Energy heading off to work near Mt Cook.

The Shed Works team with their new tracked scissor in Matamata.

A couple of Mini XE60ED’s delivered to IPG Constructions site in Mt Roskill

Connie of EZ Step with his new tracked scissor

Wayne Couch from Pro Mechanical in Hamilton picking up his XE80N and trailer combo.

XCMG are developing a fully electric version of their diesel electric 240t rigid mining dump truck.

XCMG’s largest wheel loader has gained a bit of weight and is now 170 tonne. This is also diesel electric.

January 25th 2022

Our first battery swapping E700 8×4 is now in transit to New Zealand.

Thanks to the Deals on Wheels team for the great cover shot and write up on the recent Auckland to Hamilton tests.

The DOW video of the run back is here. The return trip was a little lighter at 36t GVM and the truck would have achieved 150km with 15% battery remaining.

2022 kicked off nicely for XCMG with another 500 unit delivery of battery swapping tippers for 17 cities in Shijiazhuang. That’s the mountainous region near Beijing used in the Avatar movies.

Also several hundred battery swapping concrete trucks for export.

Our first fully electric loaders arrive New Zealand arrive in March. This one is a little more advanced and can be driven remotely by 5G.

Now your wheel loader driver can also work from home, or anywhere with decent internet.

XCMG are now developing a fully electric 60t material or log handler. This is also tethered so it can work continuously with zero emissions.

Also tethered this 22t electric wheel loader can run within a 50m arc.

XCMG’s fully electric ute is now road registered in China in left hand drive. Basic specs are 120kW/800Nm engine with a 67kWh LFP battery which fast charges in an hour. Payload is 1.2 tonne

We can now offer the 2022 specification of our metro trucks. A big lift in performance and range this year.
E100, 4,500kg GVM, 85kWh battery, 200km range, single speed
E300, 10,000kg GVM, 122kWh battery, 200km range, single speed

XCMG’s latest fully electric port tugs with 43 tonne tow rating.

XCMG’s 2022 product line is now available in the link below. If you download the pdf you should get a clear view.

Our latest TS2503 tracked stabilizer ready for delivery to Opie Contractors in Silverdale

Our first waste compactor featuring a host of upgrades now on the water H G Leach (Fiji) Ltd. 

The latest shipment of our little TF1300 telehandlers has sold out. Let us know if you would like to reserve one of the next shipment.

Another tracked scissor on site with Stevenson Designer Building.

Pioneer Energy’s XC948 working as a log loader in Dunedin.

XCMG have this very large container handler in development.

Some XCMG 95 tonne excavators set up with heavy duty ripper arms.

Ex works ceremony for XCMG’s first GR5055 grader to be sold to Rio Tinto in Australia. The 56 tonne/550hp grader is much the same size as a Cat 24M

December 14th 2021

We hope you enjoy a wonderful festive season with your family and look forward to catching up again in the New Year.

A recent test run from Auckland to Hamilton towing a quad axle semi trailer. The E700 loaded to 41 tonne gross had 30% battery remaining after the trip.

A short video is here:

Our next E700 tractor fresh back at the factory from long distance testing in Xuzhou.

Some clever engineering happening on our electric trucks around New Zealand in the last few months.

The finished product as a class one traffic truck for Coastline Markers in Albany.

We will import the new E100 4.5 tonne metro trucks in 2022. The 61kWh battery will offer around 180km duration on the class one trucks.

The last few E300’s are now on site in Hutt City as part of New Zealand’s largest electric truck fleet for Waste Management. 

A delivery ceremony for fifty battery swapping electric concrete trucks leaving the factory.

One more tracked stabilizer now on the water to New Zealand.

Another XS123 12 tonne roller on it’s way to Ott Contractors in Samoa.

One of our XC948 wheel loaders heading to Dunedin for Pioneer Energy.

Another SD22 dozer in final assembly before shipping to New Zealand.

XCMG are now the largest crane manufacturer in the world.

The factory put on a bit of a show to celebrate.

The latest 4000 tonne lift crawler crane going through some load testing.

One of our 12m turret booms heading off to Hireways in Palmerston North.

Delivery day of an XE80CT to Paul Hawking of Data Hawk.

Another XE80N and trailer package heading out, this time to Innovate Electrical Services in Napier.

A 4WD Multitask off to Darin Neely of Totalspan Whangarei.

XCMG has released their 23t rated port telehandler. The XTF23010K can lift 15 tonne to it’s maximum lift height of 9.6m. It can also level left and right to 10 degrees.
A video is here.

XCMG’s folding arm bridge inspection unit working in China.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Etrucks® and Landex.