July 6th 2021

Thanks to all the visitors who stopped by at our Fieldays site this year. Lots of interest in the new products on display.

Our new Landex website is up and running:

The E700 now back in Auckland and going through compliance checks.

A signing ceremony for the supply of 1500 units of the 6×4 battery swapping tractors to be used for steel industry support in Tangshan. Perhaps the largest ever single order for heavy electric trucks?

The first battery swapping E700 8×4 ULT for New Zealand is off line and into testing.

A walk beside of the 8×4 is here:
The first four electric drive container carriers ready for work at a new section of Tianjin port. These units feature artificial intelligence with on board decision making ability. Operation is either 5G remote or fully autonomous

A video of the XAGV’s is here:

The 20 tonne electric loader in testing in China. We have one on order for New Zealand.

A video of the XC958EV pushing in a steel mill in Shaanxi in China. The operator notes more power and faster response the diesel equivalent with energy costs around one third for the same work.

Solly’s new XC938 working in Takaka.

Now on site at the their Brynderwyn site, Atlas Quarries new GR2405

Another XE80N heading off to work for NZ Dock and Doors

Two more crawler scissors off to Oamaru for Matt Gibson Builders

An interesting excavator based crane. Developed for pipe laying but I’m sure there will be plenty of other applications.

Some XCMG machines working in extreme conditions in China.

This mine site in western China sees the machines operating through a 70C temperature range in the different seasons.

June 9th 2021

The E700 ULT 6×4 battery swap tractor has arrived. The worldwide debut will be on our stand at the Fieldays next week June 16th to 19th at Mystery Creek.

We lifted the battery pack off to simulate the battery swap procedure.

A short video of the truck leaving our building:
Landex and Etrucks are back at site D24 near Gate 4 in the heavy equipment zone for the Fieldays next week.

Meanwhile in China the first 300 of the standard E700 electric tractors have been delivered to Turpan, south of the Gobi desert. 

Our latest 10,000kg GVM E300 has also arrived. A duration test down to Cambridge came in at 230km to 20% battery remaining as a cab chassis.

A short video of XCMG’s latest 60t hybrid crane. This one has 5G connectivity for full remote control. You can drive it from anywhere in the world with decent cellphone reception.
A demonstration stacking oil drums to show how precise the 5G control system can be.

A ground breaking ceremony for XCMG’s 1000 acre “new energy” facility. The factory will cost NZD1.2billion and initially produce 10,000 electric trucks a year.

Atlas Quarries have taken delivery of their new GR2405 grader on the Brynderwyns.

A longer video of the next size up the “T5” GR2605. This is the model used by Rio Tinto in Australia in full mining spec with joystick control

Delivery day of Delta Contracting’s XC948 at Opotiki.

Delivery day for Sandford Spreadings new XC938NZ for use in their bulk store in Waverley.

Our 4WD forklift ready to deliver to McDonald Concrete Group in Whanganui. They will kindly loan it back to us for display at the Fieldays.

Delivery day of another XE80CT OR to Uzit Hire in Whakatane.

Our first  Mantall 12m diesel XD120RT is on the water to New Zealand.

XCMG’s first autonomous 240 tonne dumper has begun trials in Shenyan. 

Just released the 70 tonne capacity fully electric mining dump truck with 700kW (930hp) peak power.

A few 28m XCMG stick booms getting ready for a refurbish of the “birds nest” stadium in Beijing ahead of next years winter Olympics.

May 12th 2021

Good Morning

XCMG is now the third largest construction machinery group in the world. Look out Cat and Komatsu.

The first battery swap capable electric truck for New Zealand will arrive next week. The second unit is also now completed at the factory.

The latest brochure of the full range of XCMG’s electric and autonomous products.

If you visited last weeks EV World you may have met our new Etrucks sales manager Drew Lloyd. Drew has broad experience with EV’s and looks forward to helping with your enquiries.

Also new to the Landex/Etrucks team is or parts manager Emily Liu. Emily is currently completing an electronics degree and liaises between our technicians and the factory support in China.

Delivery day of ten new 60 tonne electric dump trucks in China.

Diesel dump truck deliveries are still in bigger numbers for now.

The fully electric 19.5 tonne XC958EV is now available to order. Rated work time is 5-6 hours heavy loading with a 90 minute recharge time with a 180kW charger.

Our XC9 series diesel loaders have arrived. Definitely worth the wait.

A lot higher specification that the old LW series at much the same price.

Ecostocks XC938 with a 2.1cbm high dump bucket to achieve 3900mm dumping clearance.

Also arrived our first turret style boom lift, the IMP120J. The 12m working height boom offers an impressive 6m outreach off a very small base.

Haimes Buildings new TF1300 telescopic forklift in Taupo.

XCMG’s first material handler with a rising cabin, the XE450M

XCMG’s largest pure electric excavator the XE270E

XCMG have won a red dot design award for their latest directional drill with a pivoting cabin.

Asia’s largest ever lift of petrochemical tower at 4606 tonne and 116m high. XCMG used a 5000t gantry crane and the 4000t lift crawler crane to walk in the base. The lift took three and a half hours.

Some heavier XCMG gear working in Siberia.

April 7th 2021

The first battery swap capable E700 semi tractor for New Zealand is now in final assembly. The E700 ULT 6×4 has a much lower tare weight and features disc brakes and airbag suspension. The worldwide debut for this model will be on our stand at the Fieldays® in June.

The E700 tippers feature the same battery swap technology as the 6×4 tractor. On this project the 30 unit fleet travels 160km (two round trips) before swapping the battery out. The fast battery swap gets the trucks back on the highway quickly to make the most of the lower operating costs.

A recent launch of four E300s for the Warehouse Group and Noel Leeming with the help of EECA funding. These trucks were leased through TR Group.

A transport talk article about these trucks https://transporttalk.co.nz/news/ev-trucks-for-the-warehouse-home-deliveries

XCMG’s hybrid 25 tonne truck crane is in testing. All lifting functions are powered by the battery, the driving power is from the diesel engine.

Three more 460hp Weichai powered TS2503’s have arrived in Penrose and are getting prepped for delivery to Hiway Stabilizers.

J.G Civil’s new LW180K ready for work in Silverdale.

Our first batch of XC9 series loaders for New Zealand are on their way.
The standard  specification includes Cummins QSB engines, ZF automatic transmissions, ride control, radial tyres, quick hitches and Lincoln greasing.

The brochures are here:
XC938NZ 11 tonne, 132hp, 2.1cbm bucket $128,000 + GST

XC948NZ 14.5 tonne, 170hp, 2.4cbm bucket $158,000 + GST

XC958NZ 19.2 tonne, 220hp, 3.1cbm bucket $198,000 + GST

5 years ago we sold our first Mantall XE100W in New Zealand and delivered it all the way to Edendale. We now have well over 200 Mantalls running in New Zealand with more on the way.

Three more tracked scissors on their way to Hireways in Palmerston North.

Our LC12 electric tracked scissors with legs have arrived. The heavy duty 12m working height scissors feature full length track frames. Now available at $42,000 + GST

A 300 tonne XCMG excavator loading the latest 120 tonne rigid dumper

A mining spec GR2605 ready to go to work in Western Australia.

March 9th 2021

XCMG’s 2021 product guide has been released.
It is a big file and can be clearer to read if you download it.


Four more E300 cargo trucks ready to deliver this week. Recent testing showed over 250km duration running empty at 80kph.

Another 60 battery swapping electric tippers leaving the factory.
The plan is to have four of the battery swap stations in Xuzhou by the end of this year (and one in New Zealand)

The second version of XCMG’s fully electric utility at the factory. Only in LHD at this stage, the 300km duration pickup will go into production this year.

Just released, the 80 tonne fully electric mining dump truck.

The fully electric XE270E excavator working on a rail project in China.

Our first shipment of the NZ specification XC loaders are in final assembly.

The next three tracked stabilizers are ready to ship to Auckland.
XCMG build this product only for New Zealand and shows what you can achieve for a customer with clear requirements and some vision.

XCMG’s Chinese New Year video, how to make dumplings on an industrial scale.

An XCMG drill working hard on rescuing 11 miners trapped 500m underground in Shandong last month.

The normal operating range for XCMG’s cranes is -20C to +40C. When the temperature gets down to -38C in Inner Mongolia, normal hydraulic oils don’t work and you have use aviation fluids instead.

The fully electric reach stackers working at a river port in Xuzhou.

Another seven tracked scissors with legs have arrived, three units still available at $34,500 + GST

A couple more 4WD Multitask electric scissors with legs are off to Wellington.

For those wondering how Wuhan has kicked on since the pandemic, this is a 46 hour continuous pour for a new “benchmark” complex covering 1.6 million square meters including towers to 380m high.

For a big shipment to Africa, first load the ship’s hold with XCMG excavators.

Then add the graders and rollers as deck cargo.