June 2019

Good Morning

Another Fieldays done and dusted. Thanks to all those that stopped by our site.

Steve from Westwood Property Group won the lucky draw for the 1.5 tonne pallet jack which is on it’s way to the Wairarapa.
Our new crawler scissor drew a lot of attention as expected. Seen here turning and climbing after the show.


Another flurry of orders around Fieldays time. Most have been delivered already, plus these will be out working around Auckland this week.

Delivery day for Mt Pokaka’s new LW600KV with it’s low profile cab.

Great weather in Hinuera for the delivery day for Wealleans new LW300KNZ.

A couple of XCMG 120 tonne dumpers heading off to work near Adelaide.

The latest 56 tonne wheeled dozer at the factory. This one will work in Mongolia in temperatures down to -30c. That required different grades of steel to be used in the blade assembly to prevent cracking.

XCMG are developing a fully autonomous container carrier with 90 degree steering at both ends. The fully electric version has an 8 hour work time and is rated at 60 tonne carrying capacity.

A delivery ceremony for the 100 units of 8×4 fully electric trucks heading to Shenzhen. The 200 blue tractors in the background are all LNG powered.

Shenzhen city has 16,000 electric buses, more than in all of Europe. Globally there are 425,000 electric buses in operation of which 421,000 are in China (Bloomberg NEF) . It seems very likely that China will continue to dominate the global supply of heavy electric vehicles.

We have been trialing ADAS in our E300 electric trucks in Auckland this month. The system has forward and side collision warning with the number being seconds until impact. The main targets that set off the alarm are cars cutting in front of the truck on the motorways.

The system also offers pedestrian alerts, when they are green you are going to miss them.

A video of XCMG mining equipment working in mines in China and Mongolia


Some more walking excavators ready to ship to the Chinese army.

The 56 tonne GR5505 grader working in Mongolia.

This tunnel cleaner is used to remove salt build up and the like from nuclear power station intakes. It can be operated from 4 kilometers away from the machine


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