ZQS125-5 Spider crane

ConfigurationsNew Zealand compliant crane certification
Three sizes available
ZQS21                  rated 1700kg @ 1.2m
ZQS75-4              rated 3000kg @ 1.3m
ZQS125-5             rated 5500kg @ 1.8m
DescriptionMax.lifting moment 100 kN.m
Max.lifting capacity 5500kg
Max.outreach 16.7m
Max.lifting height 17.2m
Rated Flow of Hydraulic System 80 L/min
Oil tank capacity 90L
Rated Pressure of Hydraulic System 18 Mpa
Recommended Power 36.8kw
Hook speed 10 (4/4) m/min
Travel speed 0-3kmh
Siewing Angle full rotation 360°
Crane weight (optional parts are not included) 6000kg
Boom section type Lower hexagon
Leg structure type Baby hydraulic telescopic legs
Control type Infinite + Limited Operation Control


Posted on

June 27, 2021