May 2016

May Newsletter

Good Morning

XCMG always like to go big on launch ceremonies, but this is pretty impressive. The new “G” series crane launch in Xuzhou.
Here the 550 tonne capacity all terrain XCA550 lifts a 55 tonne capacity XCT55L6 crane which in turn is lifting an 8 tonne lift capacity XCT8L4 crane.

XCMG are the largest manufacturer of truck mounted cranes in the world and the manufacturing base is amazing.


I was back in China last week getting the next LW180K shipment ready in time for the Fieldays.
These are the first ones with the smooth and quiet Cummins common rail engine, the QSB3.9.
The operating weight is 6.2 tonne, 80hp Cummins QSB tier III, 1.8 tonne rated, 1.0m bucket $73,000 + GST ex Auckland


The latest 11 tonne LW300K was also completed and will be at the Fieldays.


The truck loads can be quite impressive in China. This trailer seen at a service station was 25m long, with a little more rear overhang than is legal in New Zealand.


We now have the Mantall XE60ED mini scissor and the XD100RT diesel scissor in stock in New Zealand.
XE60ED Full function (including slide-out) electric scissor that you can drive while elevated.

Rated at 240kg lift, weighs 615kg, 4m deck height and 6m working height, width is 760mm $11,650 + GST ex Auckland.


XD100RT Diesel RT scissor, swing out Kubota engine, self-levelling legs, non-marking tyres, alloy deck.
Rated at 567kg lift it weighs 3680kg with an 8m deck height and 10m working height, $57,600 + GST ex Auckland.

These are the quietest diesel scissor available with excellent climbing ability.


The latest Palazzani 12.5 tonne telescopic PT1102 outside the factory near Milan. Dumping clearance is 4600mm and maximum load around 5000kg (boom in) in standard specification.


XCMG have released a light truck with a rear mounted impact attenuator. This was developed for use in the Netherlands.