Meet the team at our Penrose Hub:

Jamie RyanJamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan is General Manager of Landex.
Jamie is also a director of both Landex and Skyrise Hire.
The two companies are now working more closely together with the addition of the Mantall scissor lift range.
Jamie can be contacted on 021 584277 and

Herman de BeerHerman de Beer
Herman is Workshop Foreman for Landex.
Herman has experience on a wide range of equipment and can be contacted on 022 0693571 or for all your machinery service needs

Sean Lamont
Sean Lamont
Sean is the Sales Manager for Landex.
Sean joins Landex after many years working in access machinery sales.
Sean can be contacted on 022 618 8456 and

Emily Liu
Emily is Parts Manager for Landex and Etrucks.
Emily has specialist skills in electronics and will be assisting in trouble shooting for Etrucks. She is also fluent in Mandarin, which will enable her to communicate directly with our suppliers in China.
Emily can be contacted on 022 037 1544 or

Nilanka Fernando
Nilanka Fernando
Nilanka is our Hydraulic Specialist at Landex and Skyrise.
Nilanka has had extensive experience on heavy equipment, notably a ten year stint in Oman. Nilanka can be contacted on 022 059 4862.

Dinesh LamahewageDinesh Lamahewage
Dinesh joins us with many years experience servicing heavy equipment in the Middle East.
Dinesh can be contacted on 0226 574490.

Noel De Bruin
Noel De Bruin
Noel is our Mantall technician with many years’ experience working on major brands of EWP machines
Noel can be contacted on 021 554 963 and

Maria SarnyaiMaria Sarnyai
Maria Sarnyai is our Office Manager at Skyrise and Landex.
For all account enquiries contact Maria on 09 525 6770 or

Ross Linton
Ross Linton is a director of Landex, Skyrise Hire and Etrucks.
Ross imports construction equipment from a variety of countries.
Contact Ross on 021 557 376 or